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Forthcoming Releases:


As director and assistant producer



Night of the Orchid - by Marty Ross


Produced by Wireless Theatre Company - to be released in May 2018



Past Credits:

I Heart Amy - by Elizabeth Parikh

Produced by Wireless Theatre Company - released in December 2017


Mighty Carlins - released June, 2013


A radio play by award-winning Canadian playwright Collin Doyle. AVAILABLE AS AN AUDIO DOWNLOAD from


Selected to feature as part of the HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival 2014 and the UK Radio Drama Festival 2015


On the anniversary of his wife’s death, Leo Carlin and his two sons come together for their traditional night of sharing memories of the dearly departed Mrs Carlin. Beers are drunk.

Plans are hatched. Secrets are revealed. The Mighty Carlins is a black comedy that celebrates a family at its worst.


Cast: Shane Rimmer (Leo Carlin), Christopher Ragland (Mike) and Christian Malcolm (Davey).


Music by Michael Seal

Directed by Paul Blinkhorn

Produced by Jack Bowman and Robert Valentine


Edited by Paul Darling

Engineered by Carlos Ziccarelli at Unity Studios, London.


Running time: 1 hr 27 minutes

Note: Contains strong language and mature themes.


The recording features Canadian actor Shane Rimmer who is probably best known as the voice of Scott Tracy in Thunderbirds. His appearances include roles in films such as Dr. Strangelove, Rollerball, The Spy Who Loved Me, Star Wars, Gandhi and Out of Africa. Theatre productions include: True West, Guys and Dolls and Death of a Salesman at the National Theatre and Called to Account at the Tricycle. TV also includes: Dr Who and Dennis Potter’s Lipstick on Your Collar.



Country Life - released November, 2012










































A darkly comic new radio play from Peter Briffa about blackmail, murder and madeira cake.





Cast: Chris Bearne, Marji Campi and David Forest.


Original Music by Simon James Cookson

Directed by Paul Blinkhorn

Produced by Jack Bowman

Edited by Graham Donnelly

Engineered by Carlos Ziccarelli at Unity Studios, London.



Mighty Carlins


"Director Paul Blinkhorn orchestrates the guttural opprobrium and speedy altercations while allowing unspoken emotions to gather and surface...Rush, rush, rush to Wireless Theatre Company’s website for a free download of this play"

- Moira Petty

The Stage (2013)



- Laurence Raw

Radio Drama Review (2013)


" It’s intriguing and captivating and at times laugh aloud funny...thoroughly enjoyable and engaging from start to finish"

- Maissa Bessada

SFF Audio (2013).